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The Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) is Wisconsin's primary consumer protection agency. Its Bureau of Consumer Protection educates consumers on best practices to combat and avoid scams, fraud, and unfair business practices. DATCP is ready to provide consumers and businesses with free resources, answer their questions, and assist them if they have lost money or private data to theft.​​

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2024​ Alerts and News​

March 26, 2024: Join DATCP, DFI, and Sa​vi for a Student Loan Repayment Webinar on April 9

March 13, 2024: Plan Ahead to Protect Your Vacation

March 13, 2024: AG Kaul Announces $2.5 Million Judgment Against Timeshare Exit Company and Refunds For Wisconsin Consumers (via Wisconsin Department of Justice)

March 4, 2024: Consumer Protection​ Week: DATCP Has Your Back

February 27, 2024: Weights and Measures Week: DATCP Ensures Accurate Prices and Measurements

February 9, 2024: Don’t Hire Storm ​Ch​asers for Property Damage Repairs​

February 1, 2024: Top Ten Consumer Complaints Reported to DATCP in 2023

January 29, 2024: Identity Theft Awareness Week: Tips from DATCP and DOR

2023 Alerts and News​

December 21, 2023: ​​Consumer Alert: Scammers Impersonating Public Service Commission of Wisconsin​

December 4, 2023: Gift Cards: A Scammer's Favorite Holiday Present

November 27, 2023: Giving Tuesday: DATCP and DFI Promote Charity Fraud Awareness

November 20, 2023: Don't Play Games with Toy Safety

November 20, 2023: Shop Online Safely this Holiday Season

November 20, 2023: DATCP’s Helpful Tips for Holiday Shoppers

November 20, 2023: DATCP Announces Settlement with Dollar General for Price Accuracy Violations

October 30, 2023: Join DFI, DATCP, and Savi for a Student Loan Repayment Webinar on November 7

September 28, 2023: October is Cybersecu​rity Awareness Month in Wisconsin

September 8, 2023: Consumer Alert: Tree Removal Scammers Reported After Storms

September 8, 2023: ​Consumer Alert: Traveling Asphalt Crews Reported in Southeastern Wisconsin

August 8, 2023: DATCP Provides Reminder on Rental Housing Rights and Responsibilities

August 1, 2023: ​DFI, DATCP, & Savi Host Online Student Loan Workshop on August 15

July 20, 2023: Need Storm Damage Repairs? Choose a Trustworthy Contractor

July 18, 2023: Wisconsin and Law Enforcers Nationwide Announce Enforcement Sweep to Stem the Tide of Illegal Telemarketing Calls to U.S. Consumers

July 10, 2023: Wisconsin OCI, DFI, and DATCP Alert Consumers to Misleading Home Warranty Mail Solicitations

June 28, 2023: July 2023 is Military Consumer Protection Month

May 3, 2023: Double Check Your Mother's Day Arrangements

April 25, 2023: Choose a Trustworthy Contractor for Storm Damage Repairs

April 21, 2023: DATCP, DOA Warn Wisconsin Dispatch Number 'Spoofed' By Scammers

April 14, 2023: Prepare for Severe Weather With Tips From State Agencies

April 6, 2023: DATCP and Attorney General Kaul Announce $75,000 Judgement Against Manufactured Home Community Operators for Unfair and Illegal Rental Practices​

March 27, 2023: Prevent Identity Theft During Spring Vacation with DATCP's Travel Tips

February 2, 2023: ​​DATCP's Top Ten Consumer Complaints of 2022

January 30, 2023: DATCP and DOR Observe Identity Theft Awareness Week

Data Breaches

A data breach occurs when an organization's private data is accessed by an unauthorized party. This could expose sensitive data like customer names and addresses, Social Security numbers, confidential records, and more. Unfortunately, it puts affected individuals at risk of identity theft.

DATCP maintains an archive of bre​aches reported to the Department or which the Bureau of Consumer Protection has independently identified as affecting Wisconsin consumers. If your information was leaked in a data breach, you may consider credit monitoring or other measures to reduce your risk of identity theft. Some of these services may be offered for free by organizations affected by a data breach.

Top Ten Consumer Complaints

​As Wisconsin’s primary consumer protection agency, the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) receives tens of thousands of requests for assistance and resources each year. In 2022, DATCP worked to resolve more than 11,000 consumer complaints, successfully reached settlements in several investigations, and returned millions of dollars to Wisconsin consumers. Every spring, the Bureau of Consumer Protection issues its list of the "​To​p 10" complaints filed by consumers during the previous calendar year.

Consumer Alert Archive

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