Pollinator Protection

​​​​​​​​Bumble bee on zinnia​Pollinators need protection in Wisconsin, as they do everywhere. Honey bees are important for pollination, but there are many other pollinators that are also threatened. Whether you are a homeowner, a gardener, a farmer, or a pesticide applicator, there are things you can do to protect pollinators, our food supply and our agricultural economy.  The Wisconsin Pollinator Protection Plan, developed in 2015, identifies voluntary actions all residents can take to protect managed and wild pollinators.

​ How Can I Help Pollinators?

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What the Pollinator Protection Plan is:

  • The Wisconsin Pollinator Protection Plan is an educational resource meant to provide voluntary guidance and scientifically sound information for broad audiences. Users are encouraged to pull relevant information from this document to serve their specific needs or those of their organizations.​