Livestock Facility Siting Review Board

​​​​​​The Livestock Facility Siting Review Board is a 7-member group that reviews appeals of local decisions on permit applications for new and expanding livestock facilities. The board elects a chair, vice chair and secretary at its first meeting each year. The board does not have a regular meeting schedule. It meets when there is administrative business or an appeal. 

Appeals Process

Any aggrieved person can appeal a local siting decision. An "aggrieved person" is an applicant for a permit, or anyone who lives or owns land within 2 miles of a proposed livestock facility.

Appeals must be filed within 30 after the local government issues its decision, using the form at right. If the person follows a local appeals process, he/she must file the appeal within 30 days after that process is complete.

Members of the public may communicate with the board by mail to Livestock Siting Review Board, DATCP, P.O. Box 8911, Madison, WI 53708-8911 or by email to the address at right.

Most Recent Meetings -- Agendas and Meeting Packets

January 25, 2018

     Meeting agenda

     Draft Minutes from January 5 Meeting

     Proposed Decision on Friemoth Farms Case

     Glenner Response to Proposed Decision

     Final Board Decision on Friemoth Farms Case

January 5, 2018

     Meeting agenda

     Draft Minutes from November 10 Meeting

     Request for Review - Glenner

     Request for Review - Friemoth

     Record from Walworth County

     Supplemental Record from Walworth County

     Audio file of county hearing - August 17 (Intro)

     Audio file of county hearing - August 17

     Audio file of county hearing - September 21

     Statement of Position - Walworth County

     Statement of Position - Neighbors


November 10, 2017

     Meeting agenda

     Draft Minutes from October 20 Meeting

     Proposed Decision on Matsche Farms Case


     Final Board Decision on Matsche Farms Case

October 20, 2017

     Meeting agenda

     Draft Minutes from March 31 Meeting

     Complete Record from Shawano County

     Audio file of county hearing - July 13

     Statement of position - Hill

     Statement of position - Matsche

     Statement of position - O'Brien


March 31, 2017


April 1, 2016


February 27, 2015
​​​​​    Minutes

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