Financial Consulting and Transition Planning

Financial Consulting Handout

Transition Planning Handout​​

The Wisconsin Farm Center has financial experts who are trained to help farmers navigate the financial challenges that come with farming. Our experts can assist with the following:​    ​

Cash Flow and Enterprise Analysis

Our financial consultants can perform a variety of cash flow and enterprise analyses as part of a feasibility study, expansion plan or restructuring strategy and use that data to help farmers make difficult decisions. This analysis can also help in preparing for mediation with the Farm Service Agency (FSA) and other lenders and/or applications for new FSA and convention farm loans. Once an analysis is complete, cash flow projections can be created that will help the farmer look into the future of the business and en​sure that operational changes during an expansion and restructuring project will have positive results.​​

Feasibility Analysis

The feasibility analysis is needed prior to creating a business plan and is designed to explore the viability of changes to a current operation including expansion, modernization of facilities or other changes.

Debt Analysis and Restructuring
Our experts are able to analyze debt, interest rates and repayment amounts to determine and recommended restructuring options.​

Farm Management

​​​​Putting together a top team of professional consultants is critical to today's successful farm business. Our experts can help guide the farmer throug​h the process of hiring consultants and provide access to an experienced group of volunteer advi​sors who can provide as​sistance in many subject areas.