Pesticide Manufacturers and Labelers: Registering Pesticide Products for Distribution in Wisconsin

​​​​Manufacturers and labelers of pesticide products sold and distributed for use in Wisconsin must:

  • Register their pesticide products with the U.S. Environmental P​​rotection Agency (EPA) or the products must be exempt from federal registration as “Minimum Risk Pesticides” under 40 CFR 152.25 (FIFRA Section 25(b)).
  • Obtain a Wisconsin Pesticide Manufacturer and Labeler License and register each pesticide product with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). This license and each registered product must be renewed annually.

This applies even if the products:

  • Are over-the-counter products that anyone can buy and apply.
  • Are “natural" products. If the product label makes claims to kill, control, repel, mitigate, or prevent pests, including weeds, the products are considered pesticides and must be registered with DATCP (although there may be no registration fee if the products qualify as Minimum Risk Pesticide products).

The person or firm whose name is shown on the product label is responsible for submitting a complete license application at least 15 days before selling/distributing the product in Wisconsin. The application must include a completed product registration form listing all products to be sold or distributed (registered) in Wisconsin. Products must also be approved for registration by DATCP prior to their sale or distribution into the state. New registration applications must be submitted via mail using the fillable MS Word forms available below.

The fee to register any pesticide product in Wisconsin is $500 per year, per product, except for Minimum Risk Pesticide products (FIFRA Section 25(b) Exempt). There is no fee to register these products. However, if unregistered Minimum Risk Pesticide products are found for sale at retail establishments, a $250 penalty will be assessed.


Pesticide Manufacturer and Labeler Lice​nse Application​ (form #DARM-BACM-012)

New Pesticide Product Registration Form (form #DARM-BACM-013)

Minimum Risk (Section 25(b) Exempt) Pesticide Product Registration Form (form #DARM-BACM-014)

Online License and Pesticide Product Renewal

Pesticide Manufacturer and Labeler Licenses a​nd registered pesticide products must be renewed annually no later than December 31​. You may renew your license ​and pesticide products online using the link below. Alternatively, an emailed renewal application may be requested from DATCP. Renewals will become available each year in mid- to late October.

Online license renewal portal | Online renewal instructions | Video: Renewing your license online​​

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