Petroleum / Hazardous Liquids Storage Tanks Resources for Owners and Operators

Retail Fueling Facility Compliance Training for Owners and Operators Coming This Summer! 

For additional information, a training schedule of dates and locations, and the required registration form, please see our Training and Continuing Education page.

The Bureau of Weights and Measures has developed a Retail Fuel Facility Compliance Guide to accompany these training sessions with the goal of increasing compliance and owner/operator understanding of the regulations that impact their business.

 Retail Fueling Facility Compliance Guide for Owners and Operators

The Wisconsin Administrative Code ATCP 93 requires that various regulatory functions be documented on specific forms; additionally the Wisconsin storage tank regulatory program has developed reference and resource guides to help tank operators and contractors understand the regulations.


Retail Fueling Facility Compliance Guide for Owners and Operators

EPA Underground Storage Tank Flood Guide

Inventory Verification / Reconciliation Forms

Leak Detection for Underground Piping

Leak Detection for Underground Storage Tanks

Material Approvals

Storage Tank Forms

TSSA Guide:  Assessment and Reporting of Suspected and Obvious Releases from Underground and Aboveground Storage Systems

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Links

Apply for Financial Assistance for the Removal of Underground Petroleum Storage Tank Systems

Please submit applications and direct any questions about this program to:

James E. Moser
PECFA Program Specialist Senior
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
125 S. Webster St
P.O. BOX 7921
Madison, WI 53707-7921
(608) 267-7533
(608) 267-7646 Fax

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