Depth to Bedrock Standard

​​​01 Verification of Depth to Bedrock Technical Standard

Custodian: DATCP

This is DATCP's first technical standard developed through the Standard Oversight Council (SOC)​ process.

Goal: A broad stakeholder team was created to develop the Verification of Depth to Bedrock Technical Standard following the SOC full process. The team created this technical standard for use in verifying and documenting land features when a landowner wishes to contest the current depth to bedrock categorization of cropland, specifically for the purposes of applying manure as a crop nutrient. The standard supports implementation of s. NR 151.075 in designated areas where the bedrock consists of Silurian dolomite with a depth to bedrock of 20 feet or less. To clarify the scope and limits of this new standard, DATCP prepared a document that outlines which categories and topics are addressed​ under this standard versus program implementation decisions to be determined by DATCP or DNR through rulemaking.

The SOC team consisted of agronomists, geologists, soil scientists, county conservation department staff, and state agency staff. This team examined existing research, conducted interviews with subject experts, considered new technologies, proposed verification criteria, and considered input from expert and public review.​

Initial review: 

  • Invited experts identified by the team
  • Conducted February 2020
  • 138 comments received from 13 reviewers

Broad review:

  • Open, public review
  • Conducted May 20-June 22, 2020
  • 79 comments received from 15 reviewers