Farmland Preservation Program

​Wisconsin's Farmland Preservation Program helps farmers and local governments preserve farmland, protect soil and water, and minimize land use conflicts. Through participation in the program:

  • Counties develop farmland preservation plans
  • Local governments can develop farmland preservation zoning districts
  • Landowners and local governments together form Agricultural Enterprise Areas
  • Landowners meet soil and water conservation standards to become eligible to claim an income tax credit​​

Recent Webinars

Conservation Farm Lease Webinar (Recording 58:46), December 19th  

The webinar will provide an introduction to Farm Lease Law and discuss the benefits of covering conservation practices in farm leases. Both conservationists and farm operators will provide their perspectives on the pros and cons of including conservation in a farm lease as well as the challenges of implementing those practices after the lease is signed.

Webinar Resources:

Ag Lease 101

Sustainable Farm Lease: Drake University