Farmland Preservation Program

​Wisconsin's Farmland Preservation Program helps farmers and local governments preserve farmland, protect soil and water, and minimize land use conflicts. Through participation in the program:

  • Counties develop farmland preservation plans
  • Local governments can develop farmland preservation zoning districts
  • Landowners and local governments together form Agricultural Enterprise Areas
  • Landowners meet soil and water conservation standards to become eligible to claim an income tax credit​​

Upcoming Webinar- Petitioning for an AEA 2018 Cycle

February 13th, 2018 9:30am- 10:30am

DATCP is hosting a webinar for individuals interested in the petition process for getting a designated AEA in their community. The webinar will cover the basics of the AEA program, and the petition process. It will also touch on the process for modifying existing AEAs. There will be an open period following the presentation where individuals can ask questions. The 2018 petition cycle is open until June 8, 2018.

Please use the following link to access the webinar:

Please contact with any questions.

Farmland Preservation Tax Credit Update 2017- Webinar 

Do you claim the farmland preservation tax credit? Do you prepare taxes for agricultural clients? This webinar is for tax preparers and individuals who prepare tax claims under the farmland preservation program to review requirements for claiming the credit. The webinar covers the basics of the Wisconsin Farmland Preservation Program, eligibility to claim the farmland preservation tax credit and which schedule to use when claiming.

View Slides from this Presentation. 

Watch this Webinar| Recorded December 6, 2017

Conservation Farm Lease Webinar December 19th, 2016  

The webinar provides an introduction to Farm Lease Law and discusses the benefits of covering conservation practices in farm leases. Both conservationists and farm operators provide their perspectives on the pros and cons of including conservation practices in a farm lease as well as the challenges of implementing those practices after the lease is signed.

Zoning 101 Recorded April 13, 2016
This webinar provides an introduction to zoning in Wisconsin for unzoned towns.

FP Zoning Overlay & BFT Alternatives Recorded June 11, 2015
This webinar discusses the first farmland preservation zoning district certified as an overlay (Waupaca County) and an innovative alternative to the base farm tract (Town of Sherman, Sheboygan County).

Planning for Agriculture Recorded November 19, 2015
Often, when we think about planning we are concerned with the placement of future residential development, yet agriculture plays a vital role in the local economies of numerous counties and towns around the state.