Farmland Preservation Program

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Wisconsin's Farmland Preservation Program helps farmers and local governments preserve farmland, protect soil and water, and minimize land use conflicts. Through participation in the program:

  • Counties develop farmland preservation plans.
  • Local g​ov​e​rnments can develop farmland preservation zoning districts.
  • Landowner​s and local governments together form Agricultural Enterprise Areas.
  • Landow​ners meet soil and water conservation standards to become eligible to claim an income tax credit​​.

​​​NEW! Farmland Preservation Program Legislative Updates

​On December 6, 2023, Governor Evers signed Assembly Bill 133, now Wisconsin Act 42, which makes changes to farmland preservation agreements minimum term lengths and increasing farmland preservation tax credits for all current participants. These changes go into effect starting on December 8, 2023 and will affect tax credit claims beginning​ tax year 2023.  

Check out the Legislative Updates to the Farmland Preservation Program handout for more information.

2024 Agriculture Enterprise Area Petition Cycle

​​The 2024 Agricultural Enterprise Area petition cycle is open. Petitions will be accepted until August 2, 2024.​ For information about the petition process, including the application and instructions, and see​ previous year's petition information, visit Petitioning for Agricultural Enterprise Area (AEA) Designation​​. ​Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive important notifications regarding the 2024 petition cycle.

Check out the Introduction to the Farmland Preservation Program:​