Alternative Fuel Installations

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For Flammable, Combustible, and Hazardous Liquids, see Wis. Admin. Code § ATCP 93. For Petroleum Products, see AT​CP 94. For Weights and Measures, see ATCP 92.

New Tank Systems (Wis. Admin. Code §​ ATCP 93.100)

  • Installation Plans are to be submitted to the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP)​ for approval on form TR-WM-126. With the installation of a new tank system, estimated cost of a plan review for alternative fuels will vary dependent on if other tank systems are being installed at the same time. Fee amounts are determined by Wis. Admin. Code § ATCP 93.1605 and can be found on TR-WM-126 and other forms.

  • Specific to an alternative ​fuels tank system installation, Part I of the TR-WM-132 Alternative Fuels form available on our forms page shall also be submitted with the installation plans. This form requires the tank system installer or a professional engineer to verify that the tank system materials are compatible with the fuel being stored.

  • All tank systems, whether alternative fuel or not, shall be installed by a Wisconsin-certified installation company or under the direction of a professional engineer.

  • When the approved tank system is installed, final inspection and installation approval is performed by state inspector.

  • The approved installation checklist and tank registration paperwork shall be submitted to DATCP p​ermit staff: TR-WM-137 for underground tanks or TR-WM-118 for aboveground tanks.

  • If the installation was an underground tank system, operating permits are required before operation. Details on what is required for a permit to operate can be found in Wis. ​Admin. Code § ATCP 93.145 or by contacting our permitting office.

Conversion of Existing Tank System (Wis. Admin. Code §​​ ATCP ​93.680)

  • Before conversion, Part I of the TR-WM-132 Alternative Fuels form shall be submitted to DATCP. This form requires the tank system installer or professional engineer to verify that the tank system materials are compatible with the fuel being stored. Only Part I of the form needs to be submitted for a conversion; installation plans do not. Application fee is $135.00.

  • After DATCP approval, conversion can commence. Part II of the TR-WM-132 Alternative Fuels form shall be completed by the owner during the conversion process and retained on site for DATCP inspector review.

  • ​Prior to dispensing, the owner is to contact the DATCP petroleum inspector for inspection and fuel product testing. Inspector contact information can be found on our Contacts Page

  • A registration change is to be submitted to DATCP by the owner; TR-WM-137 for underground tanks or TR-WM-118 for aboveground tanks.

For Weights and Measures Requirements (Wis. Admin. Code ch. ATCP 92)

To find out local licensing requirements, see municipalities with their own weights and measures program.

View DATCP's​ list of weights and measures ser​vice companies