Approved Establishments

​​​​​Exporting to the European Union​

Businesses handling food products, whether for human consumption or not, must be registered. In some cases, they cannot operate unless approved by their country's competent authority. EU countries have public lists of the approved establishments. To access a list of US approved establishments, click here. ​

Exporting Meat, Poultry, and Egg Products to Non-EU Countries

Establishments wishing to become pre-certified to export meat, poultry and egg products to non-European Union countries should first consult the export requirements for that particular country. Find a checklist here​.​

A list of eligible establishments for non-EU mark​ets can be found here.

If the importing country requires pre-certification of the establish​ment, click here for FSIS Form 9080-3​, Establishment Application for Export. Instructions and contact information are included on the form.​

Exporting Dairy and Dairy Products

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) maintains a list of U.S. milk product manufacturers and processors interested in exporting milk products to China, Chile or the European Union. Find the list here.​

FDA has requested that U.S. dairy product manufacturers and processors provide certain information if they currently export, or intend in the future to export, dairy products to these countries and wish to be included on the list. To be initially included on the list or to update the information included on the list, the following information should be submitted on company letterhead:

  • Business name and address;

  • Name, telephone number, and e-mail (if available) of contact person;

  • List of products presently shipped to the relevant country and those intended to be shipped in the next 3 years;

  • Name and address of the manufacturing plant for each product;

  • Name of any Federal, State, or local governmental agencies that inspect the plant, along with the government assigned plant identifier (e.g., plant number) and date of last inspection; and

  • Copy of last inspection notice and, if other than an FDA inspection, copy of last inspection report.​​​