Wisconsin Cranberry Board

Started in 1983, this market order board has seven members who represent more than 250 licensed cranberry producers. Its purpose is research, education, and marketing.

The board is responsible for managing an annual assessment that ranges from $350,000 to $400,000. The assessment rate is 10 cents per barrel of cranberries.

Wisconsin is the nation's leading grower of cranberries by state, producing about 60 percent of all the cranberries grown in the United States. Cranberries are Wisconsin's number one fruit. In 2022, Wisconsin produced 4.84 million barrels of cranberries.

Cranberries are grown on nearly 20,300 acres across 20 of Wisconsin's 72 counties, primarily in the central part of the state. The cultivation of this distinct fruit began in Wisconsin during the mid-1800s, and some marshes have been in production for more than 100 years.

Wisconsin Cranberry Board directors, each of whom serve a three-year term are:

  • Robert Detlefsen, Wisconsin Rapids 
  • Gabriella Mubarak Liddane, Tomah (Secretary)
  • Michael Gnewikow, Warrens
  • Amber Bristow, Warrens
  • Amy Gebhardt, Warrens (Treasurer)
  • John Moss of Wisconsin Rapids (President)
  • Rochelle Hoffman of Tomah


More information about the board is available by writing to the Wisconsin Cranberry Board at PO Box 1351, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495-1351, calling (715) 423-2070, or faxing (715) 423-0275. For more information, visit www.wiscran.org.

Questions regarding elections may be directed to:
Debbie Gegare   
DATCP Market Orders Program Coordinator
(​​608) 224-5116