Apiary (Beekeeping) Inspections

​​​The apiary program offers free, voluntary inspections to all Wisconsin beekeepers. We have two apiary (bee) inspectors available for inspections May through October. Inspections are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. 

To Schedule an Inspection (May through October):

Map of apiary inspector territories

Inspector for Northern Wisconsin (yellow)
Sara LaValley
(608​) 444-3209​

Inspector for Western Wisconsin (green)
Patrick Sizemore
(715) 492-0814

Inspector for Eastern Wisconsin (blue)
Donna Stine
(608) 354-3689​


Migratory BeekeepersApiary inspector

If you need an Apiary Permit or a Certificate of Apiary Inspection for out-of-state movement, schedule an inspection with one of our inspectors and then contact the state apiarist to issue the permit or certificate. There is a flat fee of $50 for permits/certificates. Most states require certification to bring in bee hives.

Liz Meils, State Apiarist 
P.O. Box 8911
2811 Agriculture Dr.
Madison, WI 53708-8911
(608) 224-4572
(608) 224-4656 (fax)

What to Expect for an Inspection

  • Beekeeper should be present for inspection
  • Inspector will ask about hive maintenance and history
  • A percentage of hives will be inspected for mites, symptoms of viruses, foulbrood diseases, and exotic pests and diseases
  • Beekeeper assists with the lifting of hive bodies
  • For migratory inspections, hives must be accessible in the yards (not yet loaded on trucks)

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