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​Kenyan Food Event


​Dates: September 3-5, 2024
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

The Kenyan Food Event, also known as KFE, is East Africa's largest food, drink, and hospitality trade exhibition!

Why Kenya? Processed foods, meat, dairy, distilled spirits, craft beers, health and organic foods, snacks, and dry rubs are all gaining in popularity as urbanization increases.

East Africa is an untapped market of opportunity for food and beverage companies. That is because:

  • There are roughly 1,200 food and beverage manufacturers in Kenya alone, ranging from smaller organizations to multinationals.
  • Growing incomes and rising urbanization have caused a sustained increase in food and beverage sales in Kenya over the last 15 years,
  • Figures suggest Nairobi has the highest consumer food and beverage spending power, with more being spent on high-cost foods.
  • The food and beverage sub-sector in hospitality is valued at $302 million USD, with a 5% growth rate per year.

DATCP offers a turnkey, furnished, and shared booth package for interested Wisconsin businesses. Participants are responsible for airfare, hotel, and meals.

Interested in participating? Contact:
Shirley Acedo, Economic Development Consultant
International Agribusiness Center
(608) 419-4643

Funded by the Wisconsin Initiative for Agricultural Exports*

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