Broadly defined as any agricultural-based activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch, agritourism encourages a connection – and for many a reconnection – to agriculture by providing venues that foster a sense of connection to food and those who produce it.

While many people associate agritourism with traditional activities such as corn mazes, petting zoos, hayrides and pick-your-own berry patches, in recent years the growing eat-local and ​slow-cooking movements are fueling appetites for other adventures on and around the farm ​​​ from helping plant organic potatoes to savoring gourmet meals prepared by visiting celebrity cooks.​

And with more and more consumers concerned about where their food comes from, agritourism is a way to bring the customer to your products. An agritourism​ farm can become a “destination” and offer a variety of activities to entertain, educate, and enlighten. Seasonal offerings such as strawberry desserts, fruit pies, apple cider or produce grown on the farm ​can provide ways to increase profits. Holding demonstrations on wool spinning, quilting, pumpkin carving or other activities in which visitors can participate will connect consumers to your farm in ways they may not have thought about before arriving.

Agritourism doesn’t only have to be about you alone: in addition to destination marketing organizations, you can network with other tourism businesses nearby. Is there a bed and breakfast in the vicinity that could promote your agritourism opportunity to its guests? Cross-marketing with other area businesses, for example by exchanging brochures, can be mutually beneficial. Invite owners of stores, restaurants and​ lodging properties to visit and experience your farm so they can better sell it to their customers.

Many agribusiness owners are traditional farmers who are using this new industry to help supplement income from the farming business. Surveys show that engaging in agritourism can increase a farm’s bottom line by tens of thousands of dollars annually. Given our role as one of the leading agricultural states in the nation, there’s no doubt Wisconsin will continue to be at the forefront of this exciting and growing industry.​​

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