DATCP’s Helpful Tips for Holiday Shoppers

​FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 20, 2023
​DATCP Contact: Caleb Kulich, Public Information Officer, (608) 621-1290, caleb.kulich@wisconsin.gov​

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MADISON, Wis. – Gone are the days when the savings started on Black Friday – holiday sales have already begun. Whether shopping for themselves or a loved one, consumers can benefit from deals being offered throughout November and December. Remember these tips to shop smart this holiday season:

  • Do your res​earch before shopping online or heading to a brick-and-mortar store, as there may be differences in sales and pricing.

  • If an item ​​is out of stock, ask for a rain check so you can purchase it later at the current sale price.

  • Sellers must honor the lowest posted price for an item, whether in an ad or on the shelf. Double check that items are priced correctly, and politely ask your cashie​​r or customer service repres​entative to fix any errors.

  • Read the fine print! Some sales only apply to limited circumstances. Ask yourself:
    • Are there limited days/hours?
    • Does the sale apply to only certain models or colors?
    • Do you need to buy a certain quantity to get the sale price? Are there limitations on the quantity you can purchase at the sale price?
    • Can yo​​​u return the sale item? Will you get a full refund?

  • Know the seller's policy for returns and exchanges.
    • Do some products, like electronics or clearance items, have a different policy?
    • Can defective items be returned or only exchanged?
    • Does the return/exchange window begin at purchase, or upon delivery of the product? Who pays return shipping fees?

  • For both online and in-store purchases, confirm that your cart contains what you want to purchase prior to paying. This will help you avoid unnecessary returns/exchanges.

  • Save all receipts and keep the original packaging and barcodes intact in case a purchase needs to be returned.

For more information and consumer protection resources or to file a complaint, visit DATCP’s Consumer Protection webpage at ConsumerProtection.wi.gov. DATCP’s Consumer Protection Hotline can be contacted at (800) 422-7128 or DATCPHotline@wisconsin.gov​.


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