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Email: farmcenter@wisconsin.gov​
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​I​f you are feeling suicidal call 9-8-8 immediately. If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or just need a welcoming ear to talk to, please call the 24/7 Wisconsin Farmer Wellness Helpline at (888) 901-2558.​

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​​Programs and Services​

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Financial Consulting and Transition Planning: Staff provide farmers with consulting on topics such as farm viability, debt structure, ​cost of production, and cash flow.

Mediation and Arbitration: Provides a neutral facilitator trained in mediation to help conflicting parties pursue understanding and agreement in farm-related disputes such as credit issues, farm family conflicts, and more.

Veteran Farmer Assistance and Outreach: Wisconsin mil​itary veterans​ inter​ested in farming can access technical expertise or obtain a special logo to utilize for selling their agricultural products.

Herd-Based Diagnostics: Provides veterinary diagnostic analysis to help troubleshoot dairy herd-health and production concerns such as nutrition, milk quality, animal health, water quality, and more.

Farmer Wellness: Counseling services provided by ​mental health professionals through the 24/7 Farmer Wellness Helpline, tele-counseling, counseling vouchers, a​nd farmer online support groups.

​​'Rural Realities' Podcast​ ​

​The 'Rural Realities' podcast provides expert advi​ce that can help farmers reduce stress, improve finances, implement effective farm family communication skills, and mo​re.

Most Recent Episode: "Real-Life Farming Struggles: Bestselling Author Michael Perry's Latest Work Draws Upon Stories of Rural Life" (Dec. 28, 2023)​

Click here​ to listen​.​​