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T​​​​​​​​​​​​he Wisconsin Depa​rtment of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP)​ is responsible for monitoring the accuracy and safety of d​evices used for measurement, storage, and commerce statewide.​​ DATCP's Bureau of Weights and Measures conducts routine inspections to ensure that consumers receive their money's worth in Wisconsin stores. It also regulates petroleum storage tanks and fuel quality.

Central Office Contacts

Each Bureau of Weights and Measures program has different contact information. Find your program below.​

Weights and Measures Licensing​

For licensing of devices such as liquefied​ petroleum gas ​(LPG) meters, vehicle tank meters, and vehicle scales, or Weights and Measures companies and technicians:

Storage Tank Permitting​

​​​Storage Tank Registration​, Installation, and Closur​​e

Compliance and Technical Q​uestions

For any questions regarding compliance or other issues unrelated to licensing and permitting:

​​Contract Ci​ties and Villages

Holly Wing
Phone: (608) 224-4952

​​​Bureau Direct​​​or

Joseph Smith, Director
Phone: (608) 516-5362

Field Operations

Note: For City of Milwaukee contacts, please visit the Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services​ website.

The weights and measures general inspection territory map represents inspector territories for gas pumps, price scanners, scales, package weights, and storage tanks. To find an inspector for these inspection types, click the location on the map or enter the address