Weights and Measures Contacts

​Find Storage Tank Contacts

  • To file a complaint with the Bureau of Weights and Measures:

               Phone: (608) 224-4942, option 1 

               Email: datcpweightsandmeasures@wi.gov

  • ​For licensing of Weights and Measures​ devices such as LPG meters, vehicle tank meters, vehicle scales, or companies and technicians:

               Phone: (608) 224-4942, option 2 

               Email: datcpweightsandmeasures@wi.gov

  • ​For storage tank permitting:

               Phone: (608) 224-4942, option 3 

               Email: datcpstoragetanks@wi.gov​

  • For storage tank registration, installation, and closure:

  •        Phone: (608) 224-4942, option 3 

           Email: datcpinstallclosure@wi.gov

  • For compliance or technical​ questions unrelated to licensing/permitting:

               Phone: (608) 224-4942, option 4

               Email: datcpwmcompliance@wi.gov 

Field Operations

Below is the weights and measures general inspection territory map. This map represents inspector territories for gas pumps, price scanners, scales, package weights, and storage tanks. To find an inspector for these inspection types, click the location on the map or enter the address.

​Licensing Su​pervisor​​

  • Samantha Lange

            Phone: (608) 572-3066

            Email: samantha.lange@wisconsin.gov

Contract Cities & ​​Villages

  • Holly Wing

            Phone: (608) 224-4952

            Email: Holly.Wing@wisconsin.gov

Other Contacts​​​

  • Joseph Smith, Director 

            Phone: (608) 516-5362​​​​

            Email: ​JosephJ.Smith@wisconsin.gov​