Agricultural Enterprise Area (AEA) Program

​​​​​​​​​Agricultural enterprise areas, or AEAs, are community led efforts establishing designated areas important to Wisconsin’s agricultural future. More specifically, an AEA is an area of productive agriculture that has received designation from the state at the request of landowners and local governments. As a part of the state’s Farmland Farming equiptment creating potato hills in a farm field in the Fairfield AEA in Sauk CountyPreservation Program, AEAs strive to support local farmland protection goals.

Local communities can voluntarily pursue designation of an AEA by submitting a petition to the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). Through this designation, the community can encourage continued agricultural production and investment in the agricultural economy. Landowners within designated AE​As are eligible to enter into voluntary farmland preservation agreements​.

Potato Hilling, Fairfield AEA Sauk County|Photo Credit: Sauk County LRED

​The 2024 Agricultural Enterprise Area petition cycle is now open. ​Petitions will be accepted until August 2, 2023. For the petition applications for both new AEAs and midifications to exisiting AEAs, information about the petition process, and to see previous years​ petition materials, including previous years instructions and examples of successful petitions, please visit How to Petition for Designation.

Agricultural Enterprise Areas Snapshots. Preserve Farmland. Protect the environment. Grow the Economy.Check out the newest Snapshots with updates on AEAs around the state. To view any previously published Snapshot, visit the Designated AEA Webpage.
​ ​
Town fo Grant AEA, Tainter Lake, Dunn County
Town of Grant AEA, Dunn and Chippewa Counties

Landowner led conservation efforts protect woodlands and local water quality.

Greenville Greenbelt AEA. Photo by John Goffard
Greenville Greenbelt AEA, Outagamie County​

Community prioritizes land preservation and conservation pratices. 

​ ​
Fields, Waters and Woods AEA. Photo by Ashland County
Fields, Waters and Woods AEA, Ashland & Bayfield Counties​

Conserving natural resources through farmland preservation and nutrient management.

West Point AEA. Photo by Town of West Point.
West Point AEA, Columbia County

West Point AEA Connects Farmers and Lake Wisconsin Community.

West Point AEA. Photo by Town of West Point.
Heart of America's Dairyland AEA, Emphasis on Marathon Co​un​ty

otecting local agricultural​ industry and preservin​g
rich farmland​.

Plant residue covers soil in a corn field in the Bear Creek AEA in Sauk County. Photo by Bear Creek AEA Petitioners.
Bear Creek AEA, Sauk County

with landowners to preserve farmland and promote
​conservation goals.