Herd-Based Diagnostics Program

​​Herd-Based Diagnostics Program Brochure​​​​​​

Part of the Wisconsin Farm Center, the Herd-Based Diagnostics Program (HBDP) helps Wisconsin dairy herds of all sizes and management types. The HBDP provides veterinary consulting and diagnostic testing services to Wisconsin dairy farmers, including issues related to stray voltage.​

Available at no cost to program participants, the Farm Center's licensed HBDP veterinarian helps producers investigate concerns with milk production, milk quality, herd health, and more.

The HBDP is funded by assessments and fees administered in partnership with the Public Service Commission to Wisconsin's privately and cooperatively held public utility companies. 

How it Works​

Farmers interested in participating in the HBDP should contact the Wisconsin Farm Center to obtain a HBDP application to complete and return. After reviewing the ap​plication, the HBDP veterinarian will propose an investigative plan tailored to the farmer's specific concerns. In most cases, the process begins with initial phone or e-mail conversations with the farmer and their farm-service providers to review existing diagnostic and investigative efforts.

After these consultation steps, an on-site far​m visit is often completed to learn more about the farm, gather data, and take measurements or biological samples. For cases where additional diagnostic testing will be beneficial, further farm visits may be necessary. The program veterinarian can also work with local professionals to collect and submit samples to affiliated testing labs. Farm Center staff will coordinate all lab submissions and disseminating results to the producer.

At the conclusion of the investigative process and all corresponding analysis, the HBDP veterinarian will prepare a detailed consultative report to deliver to the producer.

To learn more about the program or request an application, contact:​
Wisconsin Farm Center
Phone: 800-942-2474
Email: farmcenter@wisconsin.gov