DATCP History

Summary of DATCP Programs

Biennial Report​

​​​​​​Although we're organized into distinct divisions, we'​re working together as one agency for a healthy environment, a healthy food supply and healthy business practices.​ 

Organization Chart

Agricultural Resource Management​​

Sara Walling - Administrator

Protects the state's environmental resources and human health

​Animal Health​​

  Darlene Konkle, D.V.M. - State Veterinarian and Administrator

  Protects the health of the state's farm animals - a multi-billion dollar industry

Food and Recreational Safety​​

 Steven Ingham, Ph.D. - Administrator

 Protects the purity of the state's food supply, from farm gate to dinner plate

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Agricultural Development​​

Krista Knigge 

 Krista Knigge - Administrator

 Promotes Wisconsin products at home and abroad and provides assistance to farmers

Trade and Consumer Protection​​

 Lara Sutherlin - Administrator

 Enforces consumer protection laws and has authority to regulate business practices

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Management Services​​

Kelly Smithback

  Kelly Smithback - Administrator

  Supports the department's personnel, finance, budget, technology and laboratory needs

Office of the Secretary​​


 Randy Romanski - Secretary-designee

 Directs the department, working closely with the Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection board and the Governor's office​