Producer-Led Watershed Protection Grants

​​​The Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection (DATCP) provides funding to producer-led groups that focus on nonpoint source pollution abatement activities through the Producer-Led Watershed Protection Grant Program (PLWPG).

Program Goal:  To improve Wisconsin's soil and water quality by supporting and advancing producer-led conservation solutions by increasing on the ground practices and farmer participation in these efforts.

Each application must come from a group of at least 5 farm​ers in the same watershed, collaborating with conservation agencies, institutions or nonprofit organizations. The maximum grant award ​per group will be $40,000, with a total of $750,000 available funding each fiscal year. There are 31 total projects that have been funded since the program's inception. Fourteen prod​ucer-led groups received funding in 2016 for a total of $242,550, eleven producer-led groups were awarded $197,065 for 2017 funding, nineteen groups were awarded 2018 funding for a total of $558,246, 24 groups were awarded $750,000 for 2019 funding and 27 groups were awarded $750,000 for 2020. 


​Our conservation tracking project is underway! Click here for more information and to view reports of progress so far.


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DATCP's Nutrient Management Farmer Education (NMFE) Grants can utilized by producer-led groups. For more information, visit the NMFE webpage.​