Farm to School & Institution Program

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Farm to School (F2S) initiatives are the practice of participating in and promoting the use of locally sourced foods in school meal programs. Key elements of F2S are engaging with procurement, nutrition education, and school gardens.​

Farm to Institution initiatives are the practice of engaging and developing ​regional food system supply chains to provide local food to eaters through institut​ional kitchens such as corporate and ​college campuses, hospitals, and food banks.​

The Wisconsin Departm​ent of Agriculture, Trade and C​onsumer Protecti​on (DATCP) Agricultural Development Division provides services through a Farm to School and Institution Specialist and DATCP programs focusing on procurement and economic development for farmers by supporting and facilitating connections along local food supply chains from producer to processor, buyer, and ultimately to people's plates.

Farm to School is an international movement calling to support our local producers in p​​roviding a bounty for nutritious school meals and snacks for all.​

Wisconsin Farm to School

After many years of a statewide grassroots efforts, Wisconsin Act 293 established a DATCP Farm to School Program which formalized and provided structure to Wisconsin Farm to School and created the Wisconsin Farm to School Advisory Council.

The Wisconsin Farm to School Advisory Cou​ncil members are nominated and appointed by the Secretary of DATCP. The council is comprised of 15 individuals, including a DATCP employee, DPI employee, DHS employee, and twelve other members who are farmers, experts in child health, school food service personnel, and others with interests in agr​iculture, nutrition, and education appointed by the DATCP Secretary. The council makes key recommendations to the DATCP​ Secretary that guide the development of Farm to School in Wisconsin and creates the required annual ​Wisconsin Farm to School Annual Report for the legislature under Wis. Stat ​93.49 (5)​.​

Wisconsin Farm to School Advisory Council Members​​​​

Farm to School Advisory Council Nomination Form

2020-22 Farm to School Annual Report (PDF)

2019-20 Farm to School Annual Report (PDF​)

DATCP Farm to School Advisory Council Annual Report Submission Form



April Yancer, Farm to School and Institution Program Specialist​​​