​​​​​​​​Driftwatch™, Beecheck™, and Fieldwatch™ are free online registries that allow growers and beekeepers to communicate with pesticide applicators about their locations to help prevent accidental exposure to pesticides. Fieldwatch is also the name of the nonprofit organization that operates all three registries.

  • Driftwatch™ is a registry for growers of organic crops, grapes, fresh market fruits and vegetables and other sensitive crops grown on a half-acre or more. 

  • Beecheck™ is a registry for hive owners. Registrants list specific sites when they sign up, which are mapped so that applicators can view them. Applicators can use this information as part of their stewardship activities.

  • Fieldwatch™ is a registry for applicators who want to receive this information.

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Map of all registered properties in Wisconsin