Food and Recreational Safety Consumer Information

NOTE: Inspection reports are current as of April 4, 2024.​​

Food safety is everyone's job. It starts at the farm and ends at your table. We license and inspect several thousand food-related businesses: dairy farms, plants, and trucks; slaughter plants and meat processors; food processors, wholesalers, retailers, and warehouses; restaurants, caterers and vending machine operators. 

Your part in keeping food safe is knowing how to handle it properly. It's all about temperature, separation, and cleanliness.

Worried about a food recall?  Here you can find links to several agencies that issue recall notices. 

Want to check to see if the restaurant you are dining at is following food safety protocols?  Check out the restaurant inspection reports to see if they pass the test. 

Concerned about what's in your bottled water?  Here we have reports of tests run annually to ensure that bottled waters meet state health standards. 

And we have general food safety information to help you avoid common foodborne illnesses.  ​