Fuel Quality

​​In addition to monitoring accuracies at Wisconsin stores, Weights and Measures inspectors are also responsible for testing fuel quality and pump safety at stations statewide.

Fact Sheets​

Please visit our fact sheet page to see all of our fuel quality fact sheets.

Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP)

​​​RVP Relief for Summer-Grade Fuels​ (Updated May 19, 2023)

E15 Reid Vapor Pressure Fuel Waiver (Updated April 28, 2023)​

RVP Relief Guidance Document (Updated August 29, 2022)

Fuel Variances

Valor Oil Renegade 110 Race Gas Variance

Smith Oil Sunoco Standard Race Gas Variance

VP Racing Fuels VP110 Race Gas Variance

Additional Resources

Photo example of clear and bright gasoline sample with text description (PDF)

The Wisconsin Fuel Quality Laboratory tests fuel sold in Wisconsin to ensure it meets the specifications and octane ratings required under Wisconsin Administrative Code ATCP 94.

To file a weights & measures or fuel quality complaint, call (608) 224-4942.


(608) 224-4942