Landscape Pesticide Registry

​Sign-up for the Registry

Open enrollment is November 1-February 1.

You can register through either of the following methods:


The landscape pesticide registry allows Wisconsin residents to be notified 12 hours before commercial pesticide applications are applied to neighboring landscapes. It is a service offered by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. 

You register by providing your contact information so that lawn care businesses can notify you when necessary. You must also list all the addresses of places in your neighborhood that you wish to be notified about when companies are going to apply landscape pesticides. Properties can only be registered if they are located on the block where you live, or blocks that are immediately adjacent to the block where you live. 

The registry is not available for fertilizer applications, or for pesticide applications to:

  • Properties beyond your home block or adjacent blocks 
  • Farm fields
  • Buildings
  • Utility or road right-of-ways

Registration is open November 1-February 1 every year for the following growing season. You must register every year, so that the list stays up to date. When you register online, you will not have to retype your list every year. You will only make any changes that you have.


If your customers' addresses are on the list, you need to contact the parties who have asked to be notified 12 hours prior to the landscape application. Landscape application includes spraying for mosquitoes, as well as turf and ornamental applications.

The advanced notice must include all of the following:

  1. The address to be treated
  2. The scheduled application date
  3. The name, address, and telephone number of the business making the application
  4. The pesticides that may be used (brand name, product name, or common chemical name)​​