Livestock Feed and Pet Food

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) licenses commercial feed manufacturing and distribution. This includes livestock feed, pet food - including homemade pet treats, and feed ingredients. Regulation protects the human food chain and animal health, protects consumers against fraud, and provides businesses with an even playing field.

2020 ​Commercial Feed Webinar Series

​Webinar Recordings

Pet Food and Treats (dogs and cats)

Non-medicated Feed (includes human food byproducts, single ingredients, and specialty pet foods)

Medicated Feed

About the Webinars

These educational webinars ​offer an opportunity for commercial feed manufacturers, labelers, and distributors to learn or review many aspects of the Wisconsin commercial feed program, such as: tonnage reporting, licensing, sampling data, label requirements, and inspections. Instead of attending the entire presentation, you can participate in portions of the webinar specific to your responsibilities related to animal feed distribution, labeling, and/or manufacturing.

Webinar outline:

  1. Tonnage and Licensing (15 min.)
  2. Sampling (15 min.)
  3. Inspections (20 to ​30 min.)
  4. Labeling (10 min.)
  5. Questions (30 min.)

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