Bureau of Business Trade Practices

​​The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade an​d Consum​er Protection (DATCP) is responsible for enforcing a variety of business trade practice laws in order to ensure fair competition and an orderly marketplac​e. Find our business trade practice resources on this w​ebpage.​​

​​​What W​e D​o​​​

  • Protect agricultural producers against catastrophic defaults by grain dealers, grain warehouse keepers, milk contractors, and vegetable contractors.
  • ​Administer the state's Unfair Sales Act, which prohibits businesses from selling goods below cost.​​
  • ​​Promote fair business practices by administering price discrimination laws in the dairy and soda water industries.​
  • Regulate warehouses that store consumer and business goods.​
  • Provide official USDA grain inspection and weighing services in the twin ports of Duluth and Superior.
  • Conduct official USDA fruit and vegetable inspections and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) audits.​​​​


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Agricultural Producer Security​​

DATCP's Agricultural Producer Security program
protects producers from financial defaults.




Commodity Inspections

Find details on fruit, vegetable, and grain
inspections and weighing services.



Public Warehouse Keepers

There are numerous rules and regulations
that affect licensed public warehouses.



Trade ​Practice Regulations​

Learn about the Unfair Sales Act, ​​price discrimination,
price gouging, music royalties, and dairy trade practices.