Wisconsin Initiative for Agricultural Exports (WIAE)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​WIAE Plan 

The Wisconsin Initiative for Agricultural Exports was first proposed by Governor Evers in his 2021-23 budget. In December 2021, the Governor signed subsequent legislation (Assembly Bill 314, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 92) which invests up to five million dollars over five years to increase exports of Wisconsin agricultural goods. In collaboration with the Wisconsin Economic Development Cooperation (WEDC), the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) submitted a strategic five-year plan for the funding, named the Wisconsin Initiative for Agricultural Exports, to the Wisconsin Legislature on Decem​ber 31, 2021. ​​

This initiative aims to boost the export of dairy, meat, crop, a​nd other agricultural products by 25 percent by June 2026 and allows DATCP to have flexibility to respond and react to changing market conditions. Planned activities include:

  • Enhancing trade promotion activities by expanding curren​t opportunities based on Wisconsin priorities.

  • Creating an Export Expansion Grant Program to foster innovation in exporting.

  • Designating funds solely for Wisconsin agribusinesses in WEDC's International Market Access Grant (IMAG) program, which provides pr​ovides assistance to businesses to furth​er their exporting goals. 

  • Expanding Wisconsin agribusiness eligibility for WEDC's ExporTech™​ scholarships, which helps Wisconsin companies learn export strategies, best practices, and the mechanics of exporting.   ​

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Funding Opportunities​

Export Expansion Grants

Note: The 2022 grant recipients were announced in January 2023. Access the full release here.

This grant aims to accelerate the growth of ​Wisconsin dairy, meat, a​nd crop product exports.​

​​International Market Access Grants (IMAG)

​Note: The 2022 IMAG recipients were announced in June 2022. Access the full release here

Coordinated by WEDC, IMAGs provide funding to support a company’s specific export development and deployment strategy. The WIAE expands WEDC’s existing IMAG program by designating funds solely for agribusinesses.

Trade Promotion Activities

As part of the WIAE, the IABC will be hosting several trade promotion activities including trade shows, oubound buyers missions, and inbound buyers missions. For a full list of trade promotion activities, please visit the IABC Calendar of Events. ​

Wisconsin Agricultural Export Advisory Council (WAXC)

​​This council will help guide the initiatives created through the WIAE and includes international trade experts from WEDC and DATCP, state legislators, and agriculture organizations and agribusinesses representing crop, dairy, and meat products. The council will meet at least twice per year. These meetings are open to the public, and are expected to have virtual attendance options.  

WAXC Charter

WAXC Council Member Biographies​​

Upcoming Council Meetings:​ ​​​

September 18, 2024

Upcoming WAXC Webinars:​ ​​​

July 10, 2024

Previous Council Meetings and Webinars:

Council Meeting - March 6, 2024​, 9 a.m. (Meeting Recording​)
Materials: 3/6 Presentation Slides

Wisconsin Agricultural Export Webinar - ​January 17, 2024, 9 a.m. (Meeting Recording)

Topic: Growing Exports and Ensuring Payments through Credit Terms and Insurance​​
Materials: 1/17 Presentation Slides |  EXIM Presentation: Solutions to Support Agricultural Exports

M3 Presentation: The Basics: Identifying and Transferring Risk for People and Products​​

Wisconsin Agricultural Export Webinar - November 15, 2023, 9 a.m. (Meeting Recording)

Materials: 11/15 Presentat​ion Slides  |  Presentation: Agricultural Roads Improvement Program 
Webinar note: ESG (Environmental, Sustainability and Governance) reporting and verification are rapidly becoming a necessity across a broad range of industries and sizes of companies. Large corporations, as well as small and mid-size enterprises around the world, are requiring their suppliers and their supply chain sources to provide reporting on—and verification of—​their ESG standards and practices. The information provided by the SEDEX company during the Nov. 15, 2023 Wisconsin Agricultural Export Advisory Council informational webinar is an example of a service provider that offers a platform to vet your suppliers and to provide information to current and prospective business customers information on your company’s ESG efforts and compliance with applicable standards. Please note that, as a Wisconsin state agency, DATCP is not able to recommend any specific goods or services company. SEDEX’s participation in the webinar presentation was for informational purposes only.​ 

Council Meeting - September 6, 2023​, 9 a.m. (Meeting Recording​)
Materials: 9/16 Presentation Slides | 9/16 WAXC Meeting Agenda ​| 3/29 WAXC Meeting Minutes ​| ​​Follow on Instagram: Fork and the Road (Aqilah Al Akeelah​)​ 

Wisconsin Agricultural Export Webinar - August 16, 2023, 9 a.m. (Meeting Recording​)
Materials: 8/16 Presentation Slides​  |  ExporTech Flyer  |  ExporTech Virtual Sessions Flyer​  |  ​ExporTech Results Summary

Council Meeting - March 29, 2023​, 9 a.m. (Meeting Recording)
Materials: 3/29 Presentation Slides | 3/29 WAXC Meeting Agenda ​9/23 WAXC Meeting Minutes
EU Food Labeling Information | 2022 IABC-WI Export Highlights

Wisconsin Agricultural Export Webinar - February 15, 2023 (Meeting Recording)
Materials: 2/15 Presentation Slides

Webinar: Food Export Branded Program and Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Seaway - January 11, 2023​ (Meeting Recording)
Materials: Agricultural Exports Presentation  |  Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway Presentation  |  Food Export's Presentation

Wisconsin Export Webinar - November 16, 2022. 9 a.m. (Meeting Recording​)  ​
​Materials: 11/16 Presentation Slides​

Council Meeting - September 23, 2022​, 9 a.m. (Meeting Recording​)
Materials: 9/23 Presentation Slides | 9/23 WAXC Meeting Agenda | 5/4 WAXC Meeting Minutes 
Interim Meeting: Freight & Logistics Recap | Interim Meeting: Export Statistics Recap 
13.10 WIAE Funding Request | 2022 Q2 IABC-WI Export Highlights | 2021 IABC-WI Export Highlights 
WIAE Trade Promotion Activities | WEDC Trade Ventures | Export Expansion Grant Information 
Agricultural Exporting Resources | WEDC IMAG Grants Information | WEDC ExporTech Information

Interim Meeting on Export Metrics - August 17, 2022, 9 a.m. ​(Meeting Recording​)
Materials: 8/17 Presentation Slides | 8/17 Agenda | 8/17 Meeting Summary | YTD Q2 2022 Export Highlights

Interim Meeting on Fre​ight and Logistics - July 20, 2022, 9 a.m. (Meeting R​ecording)

Council Meeting - May 4, 2022, 9 a.m. (Meeting Recording​)
Materials: 5/4 Presentation Slides


September 29, 2023: DATCP to Host International Exporters and Importers at 2023 World Dairy Expo

May 5, 2023: Wisconsin Food Companies Encouraged to Participate in DATCP's Midwest Buyers Mission​​

March 2, 2023: Wisconsin Food, Forestry and Agricultural Exports Set Record Highs​​

January 13, 2023: DATCP Announces Export Expansion Grant Recipients​

August 16, 2022: DATCP Ready to Move Forward After Release of Funds for Agricultural Initiatives​

June 30, 2022: DATCP, WEDC Announce Agribusinesses Receiving 2022 International Market Access Grants​

June 24, 2022: DATCP Announces 2022 Export Expansion Grant Recipients​

May 9, 2022: DATCP, WEDC Hold First Wisconsin Agricultural Export Advisory Council Meeting​

April 12, 2022: DATCP, WEDC Announce New Wisconsin Agricultural Export Advisory Council

March 2, 2022: WEDC, DATCP Expanding Funding for International Market Access Grants to Agribusinesses​​

February 21, 2022: DATCP Accepting Applications for Export Expansion Grants through March 18

February 14, 2022: DATCP Secretary Celebrates Record-Breaking Year for Wisconsin Ag Exports, Release of Agricultural Export Funding

December 3, 2021: Gov. Evers Signs Bill to Promote Wisconsin’s Agricultural and Agribusiness Products​