Agricultural Impact Statements (AIS)

Power line right-of-way projectThe Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection prepares agricultural impact statements (AIS) for public projects that will involve acquiring farmland, through either outright purchase or easements. 

A public project is one where the party in charge -- the project initiator -- has condemnation authority, also called eminent domain.​ Public projects include roads, airports, electric transmission lines, pipelines, parks and wastewater treatment plants. Project initiators include local governments, state agencies, and private companies building utilities.

The AIS analyzes the economic impact on individual farms, identifies the acreage potentially lost or affected, and conveys land owner concerns. It may recommend ways to reduce the impact on farms, and may be useful in negotiations between the land owner and project initiator.

When notice of an agricultural impact is required

​Project initiators are required to notify DATCP of any project involving the actual or potential exercise of the powers of eminent domain affecting a farm operation​.

Project initiators must complete the appropriate agricultural impact notification forms when a project will take more than five acres from any one farm. Agri​cultural impact notification forms can be accessed from the "Notification Forms" button located under the resources section below. If a project will take less than five acres from any one farm, the project initiator should contact the AIS program to determine the scale and scope of notification required. 

When we prepare agricultural impact statements

An agricultural impact statement is required when:

  • The project initiator has condemnation authority, and
  • The project will take more than 5 acres from any one farm, regardless of land ownership

Town road projects, and electric transmission line projects carrying less than 100 kilovolts are exempt. 

An agricultural impact statement may be prepared when:

  • The project initiator has condemnation authority, and 
  • The project would significantly affect a farm, even if it takes five acres or less from any one farm, or
  • The project is located within the boundaries of a city or village, but would still significantly affect a farm.