Our Services

​ ​​Beginning Exporter Services

One-on-one consultations

  • Evaluate your firm’s export potential.

  • Receive guidance on the mechanics of the export process.

  • Discuss available resources and potential strategies for new or expanding markets.

  • Export Seminars

  • Education workshops around the state cover a wide range of topics from exporter basics to detailed sessions on trade regulations, tariffs and insurance to market characteristics.

Intermediate Exporter Services

NOTE: The Intermediate Exporter may access all Beginning Exporter services, as well as the additional services below.

Knowledge and Expertise

  • Learn the nuances of doing business in other countries.

  • Identify strategies to reach out to customers in other countries.

  • Market Overview studies

  • Evaluate and identify market potential for your products.

  • Access customized in-market research to help you decide if certain markets are appropriate for your product(s) and how your product compares to the competition.

Advanced Exporter Services

NOTE: The Advanced Exporter may utilize all the services of the Beginning and Intermediate Exporter, as well as the additional services below.

Buyers Missions

  • One-on-one meetings with potential buyers. Build relationships with key industry players and interact with buyers without the investment of travel abroad.

  • Trade Missions

  • Opportunity to develop first-hand market knowledge through coordinated individual and group programs

  • Scheduled one-on-one meetings for trade mission participants with qualified buyers and government officials

  • Previous Missions

For additional information, call the ​International Agribusiness Center at (800) 462-5237.