Storage Tank Contacts

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Bureau of Weights and Measures General Contact

For questions or to file a weights and measures or fuel quality complaint, call (608) 224-4942 or email

Field Operations

Below is the weights and measures general inspection territory map. This map represents inspector territories for gas pumps, price scanners, scales, package weights, and storage tanks. To find an inspector for these inspection types, click the location on the map or enter the address.

Inspector Territory Map (as PDF document)

Inspector Phone and Email List

Field Inspection Supervisors

Northwest Region

Doug Dummer
(608) 235-0590

Northeast Region

Keith Garbe
(608) 234-3343

Southwest Region

Greg Loreck
(608) 886-0398

Southeast Region

Jay Garbe
(414) 303-1847

Field Operations Section Ma​nager

Steve Peter
(608) 224-4954

Storage Tank Permitting

Terri Lovicott
Office: (608) 224-5154
Cell: (608) 800-1427 

Ravina Patel
Cell: (608) 800-1373

Gwendolyn Person
Office: (608) 224-5153
Cell: (608) 800-1008

Israel Zurfluh
Office: 608) 224-5152
Cell: (608) 800-1139​

Permitting Specialist Contact List

Storage Tank Permitting Supervisor

Tom Knudsvig
Office: (608) 224-4944
Cell: (608) 572-3066

Storage Tank Regulation

Storage Tank Service Company and Technician Credent​ialing

Brenda Lawyer
Office: (608) 224-4940
Cell: (608) 800-1062

Plan Review

Erik Otterson
Office: (608) 224-5158
Cell: (608) 400-1656

Storage Tank Registration

​Karine Aslakson
(608) 244-5155​

Storage Tank Regulation Section Manager

Greg Bareta
(608) 224-5150

Local Program Operator (LPO) Program

LPO Contact List

LPO Coordinator

Jared Williams
(608) 235-5159​

Storage Tank Installations and Closures

Installation and Closure Inspector Assignment List

Other Contacts​

Director, Bureau of Weights and Measures​

Vacant - please call (608) 224-4942 or email

Comp​liance Officer

Alicia Clark
(608) 224-4938