Commercial Pesticide Application Business License

​A commercial pesticide application business license, also referred to as a Pesticide Business License (PBL) is required for any business which makes commercial for-hire applications of pesticides.  All applicators employed by the business must also hold an individual commercial applicator license and be certified in the appropriate category (ies).

Each business location from which a person operates on a regular basis as a pesticide applicator for hire, including any site at which the person regularly takes orders for pesticide applications requires a unique PBL license and requires a unique application to be filled out.

Separately, if your business uses remote mix and loading sites, these may also require a unique PBL if you mix more than 1,500 pounds of pesticide active ingredient at that site (Generally only applicable for large agricultural cooperatives).

Licenses require annual renewal to be maintained and are valid for one year January 1-December 31. The cost is $70 per location.

Are you a newly certified applicator starting your own business? Please apply for your Individual Commercial Applicators License (ICAL) and Pesticide Business License (PBL) by paper, and mail in both completed applications to the address on the ICAL application.

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