Apiary Program

​​Bee hivesWe work with hobbyists, sideliners, commercial, and migratory beekeepers to check for honey bee pests and diseases. We certify colonies leaving the state and check incoming bee colonies. While state-level honey bee hive registration or licensing is not required in the State of Wisconsin, those importing honey bees or used beekeeping equipment into Wisconsin have a reporting requirement. More information about this reporting requirement is available on our Moving Bees into Wisconsin page. You can also find inf​ormation about our program's apiary inspection services and selling honey. We have helpful links to honey producers and beekeeping groups,​ and to information about honey bee care and the control of hon​ey bee pests and diseases. Visit our Pollinator Protection page to read the Wisconsin Pollinator Protection Plan and learn what you can do to help our pollinators. Our Apiary Newsletter page allows you to read past issues of our quarterly e-newsletter and sign up for further issues.