Pesticides and Fertilizers: Certification and Licensing


The Bureau of Agrichemical Management regulates:

  • Manufacturing, sale, and use of pesticides in Wisconsin
  • Manufacturing and sale of fertilizers, and soil and plant additives in Wisconsin

The bureau certifies pesticide applicators after they pass examinations, which then makes them eligible for licensing. The bureau also licenses businesses and registers pesticide products. In the case of fertilizers and soil and plant additives, the bureau licenses businesses.


Commercial pesticide applicators​​​​

Commercial pesticide application businesses

Private pesticide applicators

Out-of-state applicators

Pesticide manufacturing and labeling, registration and distribution

Pesticide dealer (restricted use products)

*Pesticides include any substance labeled for controlling pests, including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and rodenticides. 

Fertilizers, soil or ​plant additives, and lime

These regulations are intended to protect consumers from unfair and deceptive practices in the manufacturing, distribution, and sales of fertilizer, soil or plant additive, and lime products. Other relevant state statutes and codes regulate the application and use of these products for agricultural production or non-agricultural purposes. ​

Commercial fertilizer manufacturers and distributors

Soil or plant additi​​​ve distributors​

Lime distributors

Bagged fertilizer labels

Bulk fertilizer labels

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