​​International Market Access Grants (IMAG)

Note: The 2022 IMAG recipients were announced in June. Read the full release here. ​

Application materials can be requested by contacting: 
Katie Ujdak
Global Trade & Investment Grants Specialist
Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
Email: katie.ujdak@wedc.org
Phone: (608) 210-6773. 

Coordinated by WEDC, IMAGs provide funding to support a company's specific export development and deployment strategy. The WIAE expands WEDC's e​xisting IMAG program by designating funds solely for agribusinesses. Applicants must be an established agribusiness that is new to exporting or expanding into new markets, operating in Wisconsin for at least one year, and manufacturing, processing, assembling, or distributing a product that has the potential to be exported.

Companies that have not completed ExporTech™ training can receive IMAG funding up to three times with a maximum of $10,000 per grant. ExporTech™ graduates can receive IMAG funding up to six times with a maximum of $25,000 per grant. Matching funds are required at 30 percent of the grant award. Eligible project expenses include costs associated with trade shows and ventures, marketing, promotions, consulting services, and export education.

For more information on the IMAG program, visit https://wedc.org/programs-and-resources/global-business-development-program/. ​​


June 30, 2022: DATCP, WEDC Announce Agribusinesses Receiving 2022 International Market Access Grants​

March 2, 2022: WEDC, DATCP Expanding Funding for International Market Access Grants to Agribusinesses