News Release Archive: 2017

​​​​​December 29, 2017:  Ripp appointed as DATCP Assistant Deputy Secretary

December 27, 2017:  Your Scam-Free 2018 Starts Now! (Column from DATCP Sec. Harsdorf)

December 21, 2017:  Sec. Harsdorf Honors Jim Massey for Service to Agriculture

December 20, 2017:  Consumer Alert: Fake DATCP "Invoice" Emails Making the Rounds

December 20, 2017:  Beef Jerky Recalled; Allergens Missing From Label

December 18, 2017:  DATCP: A Look Back at 2017

December 12, 2017:  Ho, Ho, Hold Onto Your Receipts and Other Return Tips

December 4, 2017:  Emerald Ash Borer Confirmed in Eau Claire County

December 4, 2017:  'Tis the Season for Fake Shipping Emails

November 29, 2017:  Harsdorf Encourages Farmers to Complete Ag Census

November 27, 2017:  Don't Let Charity Grinches Steal Your Holiday Goodwill

November 21, 2017:  Gift Card Dos, Don'ts and Gotchas

November 20, 2017:  Cyber Scrooges Steal While You Shop

November 17, 2017:  Safety First in Choosing Great Gifts

November 16, 2017:  The Season of Deals, The Season of Fine Print

November 14, 2017:  2017 Consumer Protection Bureau Holiday Release Package

November 13, 2017:  Moll appointed as DATCP Deputy Secretary

November 10, 2017:  DATCP quarantines Iowa County deer breeding farm after connection to Waupaca County hunting ranch CWD investigation

November 6, 2017:  Something Special from Wisconsin Offers Holiday and Gift-giving Options That are 'Uniquely Wisconsin' 

November 3, 2017:  Petition Period Opens for 2018 Ag Enterprise Areas

November 1, 2017:  Edible Startup Summit Offers Training for Food Business Entrepreneurs; Registration Closes Nov. 9 

October 27, 2017:  Cyber Security Awareness Month - Daily Tips, Week 5: Lock Down Your Login

October 20, 2017:  CWD Positive White-tailed Deer Found on Waupaca County Hunting Ranch

October 20, 2017:  Cyber Security Awareness Month - Daily Tips, Week 4: Safety on the Go (Mobile Devices)

October 19, 2017:  Waupaca County is Site of Newest Ag Enterprise Area

October 18, 2017:  Edible Startup Summit Offers Comprehensive Info About How to Grow Your Own Food Business

October 16, 2017:  Consumer Alert: Diesel-Tainted Gasoline Distributed in Wisconsin

October 13, 2017:  Cyber Security Awareness Month - Daily Tips, Week 3: Cyber Scam Risks

October 12, 2017:  Emerald Ash Borer Confirmed in Marathon County

October 6, 2017:  Cyber Security Awareness Month - Daily Tips, Week 2: Keep a Clean Machine

October 3, 2017:  CWD-positive White-tailed Deer Found on Shawano County Hunting Ranch

October 2, 2017:  Helping You Stay Cyber Safe, One Tip at a Time (DATCP Recognizes National Cyber Security Awareness Month)

October 2, 2017:  Producer-Led Watershed Protection Grant Applications Now Available

September 27, 2017:  Wisconsin Offers Children's Coloring Book as Part of Worldwide Effort to Control Spread of Rabies Virus

September 26, 2017:  Consumer Alert: Don't "Hangout" with Fake Job Scammers

September 26, 2017:  Detjen's Northern Trails Issues Voluntary Recall for Marinated Chicken

September 22, 2017:  New State Budget Cuts Farmer Costs for Pesticides, Fertilizers

September 19, 2017:  Mapleton Vly LT Borroloola is 2017 Cow of the Year

September 14, 2017: Consumer Alert: Equifax Data Breach: Phone Scams are the Next Risk

September 14, 2017:  Layaway: Read Up Before You Put Money Down

September 8, 2017:  Consumer Alert: Equifax Data Breach: What Do You Do Now?

September 7, 2017:  Exercise Caution When Adopting a Dog from a Hurricane Region

September 7, 2017:  This Grandparents Day, Share Your Scam Knowledge

September 6, 2017:  DATCP Hosting 'Changing Landscape of Dairy' Symposium at World Dairy Expo, Oct. 6

September 5, 2017:  DATCP Hosting Webinar Sept. 22 on How to Obtain Exporting Documents

September 5, 2017:  Emerald Ash Borer Confirmed in Five New Wisconsin Counties

August 31, 2017:  Consumer Alert: Costly Timeshare Resale Fraud Targeting Wisconsin Consumers

August 30, 2017:  Two Directors Re-Elected to Wisconsin Soybean Board

August 30, 2017:  Cranberry Growers Re-elect One Director, Elect Another

August 29, 2017:  New Conservation Cost-Sharing Available in Lafayette County

August 28, 2017:  Watch for Charity Scams in Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

August 28, 2017:  College Students: Outsmart Social Media Scammers

August 25, 2017:  DATCP Issues Consumer Advisory for Brown Chicken Brown Cow Marinated Mushrooms

August 18, 2017:  Identity Theft 101: Protecting Yourself on Campus

August 17, 2017:  'Save the Dates' for the 2017 Edible Startup Summit Nov. 17-18 in Madison

August 15, 2017:  'Something Special' Companies Dominate at State Fair Eats and Treats Competition

August 11, 2017:  Brancel Applauds FDA Action on Ultrafiltered Milk

August 4, 2017:  Consumer Alert: Beware of Online Rental Scams

July 28, 2017:  CREP Deadline Approaching; Flooded Lands Good Candidates

July 27, 2017:  Move In/Move Out Tips for Renters

July 26, 2017:  Register Now for Value-Added Feed Buyers Mission During World-Dairy Expo

July 26, 2017:  Application Period Open for Specialty Crop Multi-State Program

July 24, 2017:  Consumer Alert: Consumer Protection Hotline Subjected to 'Spoofing'

July 24, 2017:  West Nile Virus Found in Central Wisconsin Horse

July 20, 2017:  Letter from the Secretary: Brancel to retire in August

July 17, 2017:  Do Your Homework for Back-To-School Shopping Success

July 13, 2017:  Well Water a Top Concern for Produce Growers After Recent Flooding

July 13, 2017:  Facing Flood Damage? Don't be Left High and Dry by Storm Chasers

July 10, 2017:  Military Consumer Protection Month: Consumer Resources for Wisconsin Servicemembers and Their Families

June 30, 2017:  Equip Yourself with Consumer Knowledge at Farm Technology Days

June 29, 2017: Consumer Alert: Fake Amazon Order Cancellation Emails Making the Rounds

June 29, 2017:  Counties Can Apply to Host 2019 Alice in Dairyland Finals

June 28, 2017:  Potato Board Directors Re-elected

June 28, 2017:  Director Re-elected to Wisconsin Cherry Board

June 28, 2017:  Ginseng Producers Re-elect Two Board Directors

June 27, 2017:  Connect With DATCP Staff at Farm Tech Days, July 11-13

June 27, 2017:  Field Days to Focus on Specialty Crop Growing Techniques in Door County

June 26, 2017:  This Fourth of July, Think Fireworks Safety First

June 20, 2017:  Gypsy Moth Aerial Treatments to Resume Early Next Week

June 19, 2017:  Consumer Alert: Another Day, Another IRS Phone Scam Variation

June 16, 2017:  Brancel Asks State's Farmers to Help North Dakota Neighbors

June 15, 2017:  School's Out! Cyber Safety is In.

June 13, 2017:  24-Hour Turnarounds Keep Exporters Coming to DATCP

June 13, 2017:  Gypsy Moth Survey Under Way in Wisconsin

June 6, 2017:  Consumer Alert: Fake DATCP Emails Circulating

June 6, 2017:   Shining a Light on Success: 2016 Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Annual Report

June 5, 2017:   Brancel Column: Impact of Dairy Reaches Beyond the Barn Doors

June 1, 2017:   Don't Get Tripped Up By Vacation Scams

June 1, 2017:   Invite Pollinators to Your Yard, Says Brancel

May 30, 2017:  Comments Open on Spartan 4F® Use on Strawberries

May 24, 2017:  Know Before You Go: Car Repair Tips for Travelers

May 22, 2017:  Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin Grant Recipients Announced

May 18, 2017:  Spring Storm Damage Draws Transient Contractors

May 17, 2017:  Adams County to Host 2018 Alice in Dairyland Finals

May 17, 2017:  Wisconsin Cherry Board Election Underway

May 16, 2017:  Election Period Now Open for Wisconsin Ginseng Board

May 16, 2017:  Wisconsin Potato Board Election Open Until June 10

May 15, 2017:  Siemers-Peterman of Cleveland, Wis. is 70th Alice in Dairyland

May 11, 2017: Consumer Alert: Fake We Energies Calls Targeting Small Businesses

May 8, 2017:  Brancel Guest Column: Lessons Learned Should Guide Dairy's Future

May 8, 2017:  Questionable Flower Vendors Petal Their Wares

May 4, 2017:  Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board Election Underway

May 4, 2017:  WI Delegation, Cheese Carver Attend China Dairy Expo

May 2, 2017:  Wisconsin Cranberry Board Nomination Period Open

May 2, 2017:  Nominations Accepted for Wisconsin Soybean Board

May 1, 2017:  Brancel Thanks Milk Handlers and Processors for Stepping Up

April 28, 2017:  Consumer Alert: Taxpayers Reporting Fake, Threatening Wisconsin Department of Revenue Calls

April 27, 2017:  Horse Owners Urged to Vaccinate Against Mosquito-borne Illness

April 25, 2017:  Yard Sales: Dangerous Items Are No Bargain at Any Price

April 25, 2017:  Gypsy Moth Aerial Spraying to Begin in May

April 24, 2017: Comments Open on Nimitz® Use on Carrots

April 19: 2017:  Tickets Available for 70th Alice in Dairyland Finals

April 19, 2017:  Brancel: Here's How Wisconsin Residents Can Help Our Dairy Farmers During the Current Crisis

April 18, 2017:  Veterinarians Sought to Submit Applications for Loan Repayment Program Grants for Service in 7 Shortage Areas of Wisconsin

April 18, 2017:  Brancel Hopes All Farmers Sign Up for the Census

April 18, 2017:  Student Job Seekers Run Risk of Getting Schooled by Scammers (DATCP/DWD Co-Release)

April 17, 2017:  Brancel Applauds Processors Adding Dairy Farmers

April 13, 2017:  Milk Marketing Board Candidates Announced

April 13, 2017:  Medford Student Wins State Cabbage Award

April 13, 2017:  Brancel to Lead Trade Mission to Major Dairy Conference in Mexico

April 11, 2017:  Help Keep Pests from Bugging Wisconsin: Invasive Plant Pest and Disease Awareness Month

April 7, 2017:  Wisconsin and New York Urge Federal Aid for Their Dairy Farmers

April 7, 2017:  Field Days to Focus on How to Grow Specialty Crops in Northern Wisconsin

April 6, 2017:  Consumer Alert: The IRS Will Not Call and Threaten You

April 5, 2017:  DATCP Farm Center Here to Lend a Helping Hand

March 30, 2017:  Every Day is April Fool's Day for Email Scammers

March 28, 2017:  Comments Open on Reflex® Use on Lima Beans

March 23, 2017:  Milk Marketing Board Nomination Period Closes April 1

March 17, 2017:  2017 Alice in Dairyland Candidates Announced

March 17, 2017:  Release Package:  Don't Forget Your SPF (Scam Protection Facts) This Spring Break

March 15, 2017:  Organic Veterinary Training Sessions Scheduled

March 15, 2017:  Seminar to Offer Food Export Education

March 14, 2017:  Consumer Alert: Don't Get Swept Away in Sweepstakes Scams

March 14, 2017:  State Settles with DIRECTV Over Billing and Cancellation Issues

March 10, 2017:  National Consumer Protection Week: Handy Tips for Home Improvement Planning

March 10, 2017:  Apply Now for Grants to Grow Local Food Markets

March 9, 2017:  National Consumer Protection Week: Make Use of New Tools in the Fight Against ID Theft

March 9, 2017:  Poultry Owners Urged to Increase Biosecurity Efforts

March 8, 2017:  National Consumer Protection Week: Open Communication Key to Handling Telecommunications Disputes

March 7, 2017:  National Consumer Protection Week: Knowledge is Power in Rental Relationships

March 6, 2017:  National Consumer Protection Week: "Yes" Scams and a Closer Look at 2016 Telemarketing Complaint Numbers

March 1, 2017:  Milk Marketing Board Nomination Period Opens

March 1, 2017:  Nominations Open for Wisconsin Cherry Board

March 1, 2017:  Nomination Period Now Open for Ginseng Board

March 1, 2017:  Another Year, Another Set of Annual Weights and Measures Results to Celebrate

February 28, 2017:  Advice from DATCP to Manure Applicators:  Plan to Spread? Look Ahead

February 23, 2017:  Timeshare Reseller Settles with State of Wisconsin Regarding Sales Practice Allegations

February 10, 2017:  Hmong, Beginning Ag Growers Can Learn How to Access K-12 Institutional Markets at Workshops

February 10, 2017:  Sweetheart Scams Cost Victims More Than a Broken Heart

February 6, 2017:  Tax Identity Theft Avoidance Starts with the Taxpayer

February 6, 2017:  DATCP Issues Recall for Beef Jerky Produced by Johnson's Sausage Shoppe, Inc. 

February 2, 2017:  DATCP Releases Top Ten Consumer Complaints for 2016

February 1, 2017:  Nominations Accepted for WI Potato Industry Board

February 1, 2017:  Apply Now for Grants for Specialty Crop Industries

February 1, 2017:  See Suspicious Tax Prep Practices? Let Us Know

January 27, 2017:  Deadline Approaching for Alice in Dairyland Applications

January 26, 2017:  Data Privacy Day: Take Small Steps for Big Protection

January 24, 2017:  Three Directors Re-elected to WI Corn Promotions Board

January 19, 2017:  PSC Seminar Offers Farmers and Businesses Details, Potential Partnerships in Anaerobic Digester Project Proposals

January 17, 2017:  Rustic Log Furniture Could Harbor Pests, DATCP Cautions

January 12, 2017:  Awareness: the Key to a Scam-Free 2017 (Guest Column)

January 5, 2017:  Consumer Alert: Wisconsin Consumers Report Auto "Warranty" Robocalls

January 3, 2017:  Clean Water and Renewable Energy Request for Proposal Now Available

January 3, 2017:  Alice in Dairyland Applications Now Available