Brancel: Here’s How Wisconsin Residents Can Help Our Dairy Farmers During the Current Crisis

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Release Date: April 19, 2017
Media Contact, Bill Cosh, 608-224-5020,

MADISON – Two weeks ago, dozens of Wisconsin dairy farm families were informed that they will no longer have a buyer for their milk as of May 1. This is a direct result of Canadian dairy pricing policies, which have the effect of fencing out US milk products. 

Wisconsin residents have reached out to Secretary Brancel to express concern and to ask how they can help. Here are suggestions from Secretary Brancel and the impacted families:        

  • Buy Wisconsin dairy products, which helps provide a market for the milk produced by our hard-working dairy families.
  • Donate Wisconsin dairy products to a local food bank.  The impacted dairy families ask that you buy and donate five products.

  • Donate to the Great American Milk Drive, which provides vouchers to needy families for purchase of milk. Vouchers are distributed throughout Wisconsin through Feeding America/Second Harvest infrastructure. Donate online