Renew Credential

Active Wisconsin veterinary credential holders must reapply to renew their credential before December 31 of every odd numbered year to keep it current.

If you are currently practicing veterinary medicine in Wisconsin with an expired credential, you must renew your credentials as soon as possible. The cost to renew your credential is $185. That cost includes a $25 late renewal fee.

Failure to renew your credential by March 1 may result in board action taken against you for unlicensed practice.

If you have already registered for your MyDATCP account, go to the log on page to reapply for (renew) your Wisconsin veterinary credential.

If you have not registered for your MyDATCP account, go to the online service portal.

  • Refer to your email with instructions and a personal PIN to register for our online services (MyDATCP).  Check your inbox and spam folder. 

  • If you cannot locate this information, or have any other questions, contact the Veterinary Examining Board (VEB) at (608) 224-4353 or​

If you wish to renew an inactive veterinary credential that expired less than five years ago, fill out the Application for Credential Renewal License form.

If it has been more than five years since your credential expired, the VEB will need to review your situation and make a determination regarding what will be required in order to determine competency. Please submit a letter to the VEB that briefly describes any experience related to the credential you are seeking during the time since your credential expired, include the number of continuing education hours you have taken since the credential expired, and, if applying to reinstate a veterinary credential; the type of practice you are interested into re-entering.

Remember, you may not practice in Wisconsin with an expired veterinary credential.​