Print Credentials

Soon after you became credentialed or completed the most recent renewal, you would have received an email from the Veterinary Examining Board (VEB) and a personal identification number (PIN), along with instructions to register for online services (MyDATCP). Once registered, you can print your credentials from the MyReport section. You may also make changes to your address, email, or phone number in the MyProfile section. Future renewals will use MyDATCP.

You may also find your license information on MyDATCP under the list of current and previous license holders, veterinary medicine, or veterinary technician.

Each veterinarian and technician shall display a current credential visible to the public. They should also at all times have evidence of licensure available for inspection when practicing at a remote location​.

You may also call the VEB Licensing Department at (608) 224-4353 to request your credential be printed and mailed to you.