Circuses, Rodeos and Menageries

​​​Animals that are a part of circuses, rodeos, menageries or petting zoos must have the following before entering Wisconsin:

​An import permit is required for:

  • Circuses and individual circus acts (single or multiple species)
  • Rodeo stock (single or multiple species)
  • Multiple-species menageries (defined as domestic or non-domestic animals kept individually or as part of a collection primarily for purposes of exhibition or competition)
  • Petting zoos

An import permit is not required for:

  • Rodeo horses owned by individual participants
  • Single-species groups consisting of animal species that do not otherwise require import permits, such as performing horse troupes. This does not apply to single species groups being imported as any of the above-referenced groups.

The appropriate permit application form is the Circus, Rodeo and Menagerie Import Permit Application form. Do not use the general import form. Please note that all boxes marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed. If the shipment of animals includes livestock species, you will need to obtain the livestock premises code from the owners or managers of the destination venue and include that code number on the permit application.

In addition, menageries and circus acts that include native wild animals, non-native waterfowl, or harmful wild animals as defined by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, must have a temporary nonresident exhibit permit before DATCP will issue an import permit.  Proof of the DNR permit must be submitted with the DATCP import permit application. Call (888) 936-7463 or visit the DNR website for more information.

​Please Note: Some animal species may not be imported into Wisconsin because they are known carriers of highly contagious diseases. They are North American prairie dogs and the following African-origin species: tree squirrels, rope squirrels, dormice, Gambian giant pouched rats, brush-tailed porcupines, and striped mice.