Exotic Species Movement

This information is current as of February 8, 2017

Importing exotic species from outside Wisconsin

Most species covered here require the following:

  • Certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) - we no longer accept the computer-generated APHIS 7001 form which has no preprinted CVI number (the older multi-copy forms with printed numbers are still accepted). Alternative forms include:
    • Electronic forms from Global Vet Link www.globalvetlink.com

    • Electronic forms available through the mCVI app on your mobile device

    • Paper copies available from your State Veterinarian's office – we will accept large animal forms for pets and wild animals

  • Import permit
    • If the animals are part of a rodeo, circus, or menagerie and will be in Wisconsin for a limited time, use the Circus, Rodeo & Menagerie Import Permit application.
    • If the animals a​re privately owned and relocating to Wisconsin, use the General Import Permit application.
    • If you are not sure which form to use, or you have other questions, call 608-224-4874 weekdays between 7:45 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Central Time
  • Proof that they meet any required testing requirements (See species links to the right)

​Please note: Aside from the prohibited species, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection does not determine if it is legal to own a particular exotic animal species. We strongly encourage you to contact officials at all levels of the local government in the destination jurisdiction (county, township, and municipality) to determine their regulations on animal ownership.

Moving exotic animals within Wisconsin

Wisconsin does not have specific requirements for moving exotic animals within Wisconsin.

Exporting exotic animals out of Wisconsin

​Wisconsin does not have specific export requirements for exotic animals. Please contact the state or nation of destination to learn the import requirements.​