Cattle & Bison Movement

This information is current as of May 20, 2020.

There are currently no changes to Wisconsin import requirements due to COVID-19.

General import rules for all cattle​

  • "Pending" official ID or partial ID numbers on paperwork are not acceptable.
  • Test results must be current and complete, not out-of-date or "pending."​
  • If an animal has more than one form of official identification, all the IDs must be listed on the certificate of veterinary inspection.
  • If you wish to import animals from several different states, or if the animals have been in this state for less than 120 days, please call the import coordinator.
  • No M-branded bovines/cattle from Mexico may be imported to Wisconsin except directly to a slaughter facility.
  • For bovines that are part of a rodeo, circus, or menagerie, please also visit the Circuses, Rodeos, and Menageries page.
  • For animals that are an exotic ruminant species, such as yaks and water buffalo, please visit the Exotic Species page.
  • Out-of-state organizers and Wisconsin participants of consignment sales that may include animals from Michigan's Modified Accredited zone should visit the Michigan MA bovine import page or call the import coordinator to discuss tuberculosis testing and import requirements.​

Select the state of origin on the map below or go to Canada for the import rules​.

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