Agricultural Impact Statements: Current Natural Gas Pipeline Projects

​​​These are the current natural gas pipeline projects in Wisconsin that require an agricultural impact statement by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. We will add information from DATCP and other agencies for individual projects as documents are completed and information becomes available. 

Dovre Lateral Natural Gas Pipeline: Barron County (DATCP ID #4109, PSC ID #6650-CG-252)
Approved project to install natural gas high-pressure main in the towns of Dallas, Sioux Creek, and Dovre

​Fox Energy Center Natural Gas Lateral Pipeline: Brown and Outagamie counties (DATCP ID #4195, PSC ID #6690-CG-172)

Application by Wisconsin Public Service Corp. to install a 20-inch pipeline from the Fox Energy Center potentially through the towns of Kaukauna and Buchanan in Outagamie County and the town and village of Wrightstown in Brown County. The pipeline would end with a connection to the existing Guardian Pipeline.

Oxford Lateral Natural Gas Pipeline: Marquette County (DATCP ID #4215, PSC ID #6650-CG-258)
Application by Wisconsin Gass LLC to replace nine miles of 4-, 3-, and 2-inch diameter pipelines in the towns of Packwaukee, Harris and Westfield

Sparta Lateral Natural Gas Pipeline: Monroe County (DATCP ID #4186, PSC ID #6650-CG-256)

Application by Wisconsin Gas LLC to install a 12-inch natural gas pipeline through the towns of Greenfield, Lafayette and Angelo, ending in the city of Sparta

Wilson Lateral Natural Gas Pipeline: Dunn County (DATCP ID #4114, PSC ID #6650-CG-253)

Application to install natural gas distribution facilities in the towns of Hay River, Otter Creek, Wilson, and Sheridan

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