Agricultural Impact Statements: Notification Forms

​When a project initiator has the authority to acquire farmland through condemnation, or eminent domain, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection must be notified. Town roads and power lines that carry less than 100 kilovolts are not subject to the AIS requirements.

Spreadsheet for Airport Projects (Updated December 15, 2016)

Spreadsheet for Pipeline Projects​ (Updated September 30, 2020)



For all other types of projects that primarily involve a specific site, rather than being linear (such as a road, electric line or pipeline), please use this form and spreadsheet:

Agricultural Impact Notice for Non-linear Projects (Updated July 6, 2017)
Spreadsheet for Non-Linear Projects (Updated May 18, 2017)


Please complete the appropriate form and email it to

For questions about these forms or a specific project, please, email or call (608) 224-4650.