Regional Networks

In order to help streamline communication and efforts among all of the groups funded by the Producer-Led Watershed Protection Program, DATCP has recently initiated the development of regional teams within the Producer-Led network to better utilize funding, share resources and provide more networking and training opportunities to farmers within the program.

These teams will provide more direct assistance to each group, local trainings and events, shared resources, staff support and increased communication across the network. The state is broken out into four quadrants and the regional teams consist of professionals from the University of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin- Extension, UW Discovery Farms, non-profits, agricultural associations and Wisconsin DNR. Each regional team will work to further identify the needs of each group with that region and then tailor programming to fit those needs as they continue to be developed.

Each region has one or more group leaders that will work to coordinate communication and information-sharing. Contact information for each regional team is on the right sidebar.