Producer-Led Watershed Protection Grants: Projects & Resources

​​​​​Partnership Projects with Producer-Led Groups:

Ecosystem Services and Performance-Based Conservation Projects: 

DATCP in collaboration with local partners piloting a performance-based conservation approach to evaluating the ecosystem services provided by farm conservation projects.  Projects were made possible through funds from a Multi-purpose Use Grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as support and resources from the Polk County Land Conservation Department, Dodge County Land Conservation, the Horse Creek Farmer-Led Watershed Council and the Dodge County Farmers for Healthy Soil Healthy Water
Horse Creek Ecosystem Services ​Pilot Project
Dodge County Eco​system Services Pilot Project

Business Case Study: 

DATCP partnered with Brey Cycle Farm LLC to conduct a business case study evaluating the financial and environmental benefits of rotationally grazing heifers.     

Raising Heifers with Management Intensive Rota​tional Grazing

Resources for Producer-Led Groups:  

Starting and Managing a Producer-Led Group: 

Conservation Farmer Mentor Service: Conservation farmer mentors can help provide guidance to up-and-coming producer-led groups.  

Regional Network : Producer-led groups are organized into regional networks to help groups communicate and work with one another.  Producer-led groups can reach out to the regional team lead for your region to connect with other groups located near them.  ​

Planting New Ideas, Growing Conservation Webinars: 

DATCP Resources: