Nutrient Management Farmer Education Grants

​​​The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection provides nutrient management farmer education (NMFE) grants to local organizations to teach farmers to develop their own nutrient management plans.

Tier 1 funding, $20,000 maximum

Provides nutrient management training to producers and plan writers to develop 590-compliant nutrient management plans. Tier 1 funding can be used for participant payments to complete soil testing or to attend training, as well as for administrative, training, and support costs.

Tier 2 funding, $2,500 maximum 

Offers nutrient management training and education, but developing a 590-compliant plan isn't required. Tier 2 funding can be used for administrative, training and support costs.​


Applications are accepted annually beginning January 31 of every year with applications due no later than April 15 of that same year.