Cattle and Bison Movement

​​​Specific Import Rules for Cattle by State​

General Import Rules for Cattle​​

  • Official Identific​ation:
    • "Pending" official ID or partial ID numbers on paperwork are not acceptable.
    • If an animal has more than one form of official identification, all the IDs must be listed on the certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI).
  • Test results
    • Must be current and complete.
    • Must not be out-of-date or "pending."
    • Must be included on the CVI.
  • If you wish to import animals from several different states, or if the animals have been in Wisconsin for fewer than 120 days, please contact us.
  • No M-branded bovines/cattle from other states may be imp​orted to Wisconsin except directly to a slaughter facility. For import of M-branded cattle imported directly from Mexico, please contact us.
  • For bovines that are part of a rodeo, circus, or menagerie, please also visit the circuses, rodeos, and menageries webpage.
  • For animals that are an exotic ruminant species, such as yaks and water buffalo, please visit the exotic species webpage.
  • Out-of-state organizers and Wisconsin participants of consignment sales that may include animals from Michigan's Modified Accredited zone should visit the Michigan ​MA bovine import page or call the import coordinator to discuss tuberculosis testing and import requirements.