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​​​​​Basement Waterproofing
Water problems can be difficult and costly for homeowners to correct, but expensive waterproofing is not always the answer.
​​A contract is a legally-binding promise or agreement that is made between two or more people. Read it entirely before signing.

In an emergency, consumers who need home repairs can be vulnerable to scams. You can prevent problems before they occur.
A generator may be able to power your refrigerator, home office, or other essentials during an outage. But they can be hazardous.
Most contractors who do home improvements are honest, reliable and skilled. Your due diligence can prevent common issues.

These traveling crews blacktop driveways, paint, do roofing and siding, and more. They do shoddy work and are likely to steal from you.
​​A moving company should provide you with a written estimate, order for service, bill of lading, and an inventory list. Read your contract!
Liens are remedies created by statute to ensure payment to those who have improved the property of others.​

Many people have found that living in a manufactured home community suits their way of life. Residents have rights and responsibilities.
The possibility of losing your home to foreclosure can be terrifying. Scam artists prey on the fears of desperate homeowners.
Wisconsin law does not regulate propane prices. Research your options, ask questions, and get everything in writing.

Are you thinking of buying a new TV, refrigerator, couch or other “big-ticket” item? You may be considering the rent-to-own option.
​​Do you need a place to store your things? A self-service storage facility may be the answer. Read a contract ​carefully before signing.
Home solar photovoltaic (PV) system installations are becoming common. But as solar power use increases, so do scams. ​

Learn about considerations to make before you rent, while renting, and before terminating a tenancy, as well as eviction and unsafe conditions.​

When storing property like boats, pontoons, RVs, or motorcycles, protection from theft or damage should be your primary concern.